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easy to customize

We understand that every business has their unique way of doing things, therefore we put great emphasis on ease of configuration and giving you complete control.

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Business questions or technical issues, we have created tutorials, documentation, knowledge base articles and ticket support system for you to find answers at your questions and problems quickly.

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Work securely from anywhere and at anytime. You can access our service using a computer or portable device with web browser and internet connection.

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Why choose our service?

Check out some of the great benefits for your business:
  • supply chain
    Supply Chain Optimisation

    Improve resource planning capabilities, shorten order execution cycles, reduce lead time, inventory and wastage.

  • On time delivery benefit
    On Time Delivery

    Status monitoring on order production completion, delivery and billing. Fast track process to ensure on time delivery. Improve sales efficiency with order tracking.

  • cash flow improvement benefit
    Cash Flow Improvement

    The control of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Automation on receivables and collection process, strict credit control to reduce the generation of bad debt, improve cash flow and turnover rate.

  • Inventory Reduction Benefit
    Inventory Reduction

    Accurate production forecast by using MRP calculated purchase plan to achieve a balance between inventory and logistics cycle, reduce stock level and improve cash flow.

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